Top 10 Reasons which cause Toothaches

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Toothaches will cause uneasiness for all of us. It is quite appreciable why people try to discover the causes of tooth pain; thus this article would address such a question.

10- Orthodontic Misalignment

You would usually suffer from discomfort in your mouth and annoying pain in your teeth due to things like retainers, braces, and other dental alignment systems.

It is not uncommon that engagements that involve tightening or moving teeth would be followed by apparent pain. However, it would usually diminish within a matter of days.

Contact your orthodontist about possible readjustment of your orthodontic appliance in the event that you feel that pain is tremendously unbearable.

9- When you have Wisdom Teeth that is Impacted or teeth that are misaligned

When having misaligned Teeth they may press towards others, pushing these out of their supposed to-be-line which cause pain and headaches. Additionally, Impacted wisdom teeth, which means wisdom teeth that was unsuccessful in breaking through the line of gum, may be a source of great pain as they rankle under the gum line and occasionally push other teeth. Inform your dentist of such issues if you have them. A surgery would be needed to treat impacted wisdom teeth.

8- Brushing or Flossing Improperly

You would end up having irritated, inflamed, and bleeding gums if you let yourself imposing extra pressure on your teeth while you brush or floss them. When making such a huge pressure in a constant manner, it may result in gums receding, making teeth unstable producing more pain.

7- Teeth Grinding

Bruiser or teeth crushing, is a usual cause for pain in jaw, tooth, neck, and associated muscle pain. People who developed such a habit, do that upon sleeping or upon experiencing difficult situations.  In some cases the pressure is violently applied.

Cases of headache and pain in jaw bones and joints had been recorded; in other cases, cracked or chipped teeth had been the result which was very painful. If you have this issue, think of wearing custom- made mouth-guard while sleeping to avoid applying pressure on your teeth and jaw.

6- Damaged Dental Sealant or Filling

Dental fillings which cover deep pits, fractures or grooves in teeth in most cases guard weak areas of the tooth. The direct result of breaking such a defending line would be exposing sensitive parts of teeth to extreme temperatures, bacteria and food particles. To avoid various levels of pain book an emergency appointment with your dentist to have these damaged parts fixed to protect the weak parts of your tooth from experiencing additional decay or damage.

5- Sensitivity for Temperature

In case you have encountered deep tooth pain while you eat or very shortly after your eat or drink something, this is usually attributed to sensitivity of teeth. This indicates that either your tooth coating had witnessed decay causing its underneath nerves to be no longer protected, or a recent teeth whitening practice had been occurred. To assist in proving a shield for your teeth nerves to avoid exposing them to edge temperatures, use toothpaste customized especially for sensitive teeth. Refer to your dentist for consultations and future course of remedy action.

4- Tooth Breaks

There are several occasions that could cause teeth to be chipped or cracked; a fall, sports playing, or biting down on something hard. A cracked tooth may produce unbearable pain which can result from fracture having made its way to tooth-middle-point where the nerve edges are.

This may be an accumulated result that had been developed over time while the tooth damage worsens. This is explains why all chips and fractures must be examined by your dentist immediately before they deteriorates more.

3- Gums Disease

It is recognized with a red or bleeding gums and a dull pain in the mouth which is sometimes accompanied with a pain in teeth.

It can usually be caused by inflamed gums and mouth bone. If it is untreated, gums, teeth, and bones may be damaged or even lost, leading to a point where surgical actions would be the only solution to remove the infection form the mouth.

2Abscess of Tooth

When tooth deterioration worsens up to a degree impacting on the root under the visible part of the tooth it is highly possible that the root and its surrounding tissue had been infected. This will end up in a extensive pain that may make it very difficult for the dentist to specify which tooth is the source of the pain. It is an important problem that needs urgent remedy because leaving it unsolved would lead to loss of bone and tissues which is a very serious matter.

1- Decay of the Tooth

The number one reason for a painful toothache is the tooth decay. Certainly, this is not surprising news but many of us can experience that.

The tooth decay should be serious enough to reach the layer inside the tooth (the dentin), in order to seriously affect the tooth and its surrounding area. Upon damaging this layer, the tooth turns into so sensitive and a cray (cavity) has been occurred.

If the pain becomes less of an ache, the tooth decay could have arrived to the middle-point of the tooth. This could lead to very intensive pain that is so difficult to ignore. These could be addressed immediately to avoid pain and to avoid more case deterioration.

Dear reader, consult us today if you suffer from any of the cases above or you are unsure which one is your case, so that a diagnostic for your case could be provided and a treatment plan can be timely suggested. Read our article about Tele-dentistry.

Being that said, a visit to the center can provide more accurate picture, and the sooner you book your appointment the better. All of us tend sometimes to postpone or defer some important decisions in our lives but beware that you are threatening your mouth health and bear more pain and cost! if you do that, so frankly it is of your best interest to act quickly.

Additionally, don’t let fear prevent you! It is a common first reaction, if you fall in this category please just calm down your fears.

We are more than eager to help you solve all of your dental issues so call us today and book your appointment!







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