9 Potential Causes that could cost you your tooth and 10 Ways to Prevent Tooth Loss

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As per studies, you could have some control over the possibility of losing your tooth. Journal of Periodontology specialists identified 9 threats that could lead to tooth loss

Dental experts list nine risk factors for tooth loss due to gums disease.

Following are the nine potential causes:

  1. If your age is higher than thirty five.
  2. If your gender is male.
  3. If you had not ever undergone dental treatment.
  4. If you had not ever brushed your teeth.
  5. If you are or had been a smoker.
  6. If you are infected with diabetes
  7. If you are infected with high blood pressure
  8. If you are infected with Rheumatoid Arthritis.
  9. The higher possibility for Front teeth to be lost than those located at the back side of your mouth.

Although some of these factors or reasons are out of your control, the others are actually within your choices and over which you obviously have control.

How to prevent  the loss of tooth

These nine factors had been identified by the works of Mr. Khalaf Al-Shammari, DDS, MS, and his co-workers at Kuwait’s Ministry of Health.

The study included all adults who undergone tooth removal at twenty-one randomly selected unspecialized dental practice clinics which form ¼ of clinics of this type in Kuwait.

Those clinics had been all operated by Kuwaiti Authorities which the majority of Kuwaiti people usually receive dental treatment there as part of Kuwaiti health system, as per the researchers remark.

However, wait… There are always ways to prevent tooth loss, and in the following lines, we will focus on some of which:

When we are adults we would usually have thirty-two teeth. However, you might have only 28 if you had undergone Wisdom Teeth removal operation.

Apart from its functional role and purpose, our teeth play an important role that is difficult to overlook. It’s about allowing you to bite and chew the food you eat and to speak well, if you loss ever one of your teeth that could cause the loss of bone mass in the jaw which affects the other teeth you “still” have.

We at Royal Health clinic Istanbul, Turkey (known as DentCenterTurkey.com) are always prepared and actually eager to answer any of your inquires through tele-dentistry or at your visit to our clinic  in order to help you give the deserved care to your teeth. Being that said, we have also combined a list of 10 hints and tips to preserve your teeth and thus avoid teeth loss.

1.Focus on choosing those sorts of food that are friendly to your teeth

You probably do not want another advice telling you to avoid sweets. However, we would advise you to keep an eye on what you eat to protect your teeth from decay.  Crunchy vegetables are advisable to wipe away the debris of food. Thus, think about adding a choice of vegetables to your meals.

2. Brush in the right way and why not some of us might need to learn how!

Twice a day is the usual advice but wait.. You have to learn the right way to do that. Avoid being too hard while brushing to avoid wearing away enamel and negatively affecting your gums. Brush gently and effectively and refer to our article in this regard.

3. Daily Flossing

You have many choices whether you prefer the classical string floss, other people might go for water flossers. Anyhow, we recommend that you select the option that you would keep doing as a habit for yourself without a stop, in order for you to maintain such a paramount routine for your oral hygiene.

4. Cleanings and Exams should be booked regularly

If you visit us regularly you would have an opportunity to address issues early before it worsen up, we not only miss you at our clinic but would like to ensure you still have the smile you deserve.. In the event that you require more frequent cleanings, then make sure to come on time and do not miss them, in order for you to reduce the risk of cavities and gums disease to the minimum.

5. Minimize consuming Acidic Drinks

Consuming soda every day could destruct your teeth. If it is “a matter of life or death” to consume soda drinks or juice, then drink it at one session rather than tasting it all the hours of day, then immediately drink a glass of water to retrieve the pH balance required to your oral health.

6. Tackle the issue of Dry Mouth

Some medical conditions could lead to dry mouth. If you have such an issue just inform us and we would recommend to you or provide you with special mouth rinses to keep the adequate moisture of the tissues of your gums.

7. They are “Teeth” not “Tools”

Words are not enough to emphasize more on the necessity to avoid using your teeth as tools, so please avoid using your teeth to open packages or lids. Avoid breaking your teeth and use the required tools instead.

8. There are wearable Mouth-guards that you should use while doing Sports

Sports are also common cause that could lead to teeth loss. There are mouth-protections that offers more protection than other sorts. You might would like to wear one for sports even for those sports that could be out of your thinking such as bicycling in certain risky places.

9. Bring Up Nighttime Teeth Crushing

This habit could occur without your notice, but with some warning signs of grinding like worn-out teeth and headaches.

We may give you special mouth-protection to avoid allowing this habit to break your teeth.

10. Recover what you have lost of your teeth

Defiantly you can replace the tooth you had lost with various tooth replacements, like dental implants and dentures.

We focus at Tooth loss prevention is one of our main areas of focus here at Royal Health Clinic in Istanbul, Turkey (known as DentCenterTurkey.com).

Contact us today to book your appointment and get the treatment as early as possible to prevent any small issue from turning into a more serious one and prevents the appearance of gaps in your mouth to keep your smile shining at all times.

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