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Many factors play a role when we select our favorite dentists; the main criteria could be whether you are looking for unspecialized dentist for continuous maintenance or if you are looking for a specialist in doing a certain procedure (aesthetic or reformative). Apart from that, consider the following 8 factors recommended by the experts at Royal Health clinic (

  1. Adequate Training:
  2. Ensure the dentist is qualified with training and experience in terms of specialty.

    For instance, a dentist might lack training in a particular aesthetic or reformative treatment which would mean the inconvenience of referring a case to another dentist.

  3. Offered Service:
  4. It is paramount to inquire if the offered service encompasses a particular treatment or not; as the offer of dentistry clinics could be different.  If you are looking for Invisalign that you read about, you might end up with a dentist that offer an alternative solution as he might lack certification to do the Invisalign; thus research carefully.

  5. Recommendations:
  6. If you are visiting a general dentist you might find yourself being referred to another dentist if the case involves complicated treatment; if you do not like this idea, you should in advance ask about the details of such a referral procedure.

  7. Care during emergencies:
  8. Emergencies can strike at any time, unforeseeable mouth and teeth pain or faults in restoration treatments may suddenly happen. Thus, it is key to exactly identify what kind of service your dentist would give in emergency cases. Some clinics allow for receiving emergency cases in weekends or weekdays after usual working hours; others might not.

  9. Use of Technology:
  10. Is your dentist up-to-date in utilizing recent technological development to enhance services offered? While there are many dentists who are irresolute about adopting such investments (Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing devices, lasers…) which would lessen the treatment duration and frequency of required visits. However; cost usually would be more when using these technologies if compared with old-fashioned treatment.

  11. Patients’ Peace of mind:
  12. Dental nervousness is common phenomenon many of us suffer from. However; many clinics just acknowledge that and well prepared to overcome it. Premedication and usage of laughing gas when legal are apparent examples; but some dentists offer music, songs, religious speeches,  or using perfumes or message during therapy to provide more comfort to patients. You could simply inquire about the provision of such services.

  13. Pictures before the treatment and after it:
  14. The majority of dental clinics today reserve a collection of images documenting the case of patient teeth prior to and after the treatment. Such a filing process can be tremendously significant to help you asses the degree of excellence in service provided that you would anticipate before taking the decision to book your appointment at the dentist center. The need-to-know increases for cosmetic treatments (teeth whitening, Hollywood smile and implants).

  15. Price
  16. A dental treatment price immensely varies between one center and another, depending on many playing factors. To exemplify that, the location, use of technology, additional services offered, the quality of material are only some of the many elements that determine the final cost to patient; therefore the best recommendation is to know exactly the cost before you book your appointment.

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