Are Dental Implants Painful? Does an Implant Surgery Hurts (What to Expect)?

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Dental implants are recommended as Number one as a treatment to restore your missing teeth. Read more to know the reason?

Why Implants are the Number one solution for teeth restoration?

Many benefits are there for “installing” a dental implant instead of your missing tooth. There would be similar in appearance to your natural teeth more over the provide a similar functionality to your missing teeth too.

Yet, when using the “surgery” it usually comes with a negative implication; thus many patients simply inquire if the surgery would cause pain so Are Dental Implants Painful?

So Let us describe some facts about dental implants and what to expect with dental implant surgery.

Does dental implant surgery hurt?

Firstly, Let us describe the surgical phase of a dental implant that is usually followed:

  • 1: The Patient will be numbed with anesthesia. We will not start the procedure until the area surrounding the tooth is totally emotionless.
  • 2: A space is shaped in your gums and jaw bone for the titanium pole (the dental implant). Our dentists use accurate planning to precisely install the implants for Quality results.
  • 3: The post is introduced and fixed. A cap is located on top to retain it harmless while it heals for the incoming few weeks. Occasionally, you may warrant a sew or two to assist your gums in healing.

The crucial point to concentrate on here is the first step: numbed with anesthesia. This is fundamentally the best solution to address your concern, “do dental implants hurt?”

Anesthesia will numb the nerves that are surrounding the dental implant area. When you have your nerves numbed, you should not sense any pain while your Dentist is carrying the dental implant procedure.

You would probably feel some uneasiness for a short period of time. However, it must not cause you nervousness.

For patients who have anxiety with dental procedures, oral sedation could be the solution.

When should I decide to go for dental implants?

If you have missed one tooth or more, then you could be a worthy candidate for dental implants. However, at sometimes, you may need additional one or two steps before deciding to go for the surgery of dental implants.


When you lose a tooth, the nearby bone begins to depreciate. To effectively install a dental implant, it is necessary to have sufficient bone backing the post. Thus, according to how far the point in the past when your tooth had been missed, you might not have enough remainder of the bone as much as required.

If your tooth is removed in our center, then we could assist in restoring your bone with a bone implant. This procedure uses a material that grafts bone to ensure a dental implant would have enough bone structure ready for it.

The good news at the entire story of dental implant procedure in our center is that over and over again this can all be carried out at Royal Heath Dental Center Istanbul, Turkey ( Our team of Dentists are well licensed ad trained to prepare, install, place, and restore your smile with Dental implants.

How much time or how long a dental implant recovery would take?

The majority of patients would satisfyingly be astonished at how simple Dental implants Surgery is and would believe it is even easier than a tooth removal.

You can be rest assured that you can easily go to your work or perform your usal life activities at the next day!

If you start to sense any tenderness, we endorse taking over-the-counter relievers of pain. Like other dental procedures, evading hard foods is the best recommendation, and using an ice pack may assist in swelling.

The healing period for a dental implant to fuse at your mouth with the bone may last at least four months. Once it is completely healed, the patient would be prepared for going into the next step: the restoration of the crown, which will look similar to a usual tooth and can be made also at our center so no need to go to another place.

In case you have any inquiry about dental implants?

Ask us!

Our dentists and dental team are more than pleased and ready to answer any questions or address any concern you have.

If have any question about dental implants, contact us today!

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